Fastest way to get casino comps

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Sep 15, 2008 ... Answer 1 of 19: I know the obvious answer to getting comps is to spend a lot of money, but here's my ... The Showroom at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino ... From one who plays the game, slots will bring you faster comps.

Casinos that double up as entertainment venues could offer comps such as free tickets or a priority booking. Sometimes you can even exchange compsThe first thing to do whenever you visit a new casino is to get a good understanding of how the comps system works there. Most rely on a points... Casino Comps and How to Can Get Them The word comp is short for complimentary. Comps are freebies that the casino gives to its customers as a reward for their business. It is a way to promoteBut this is not true. There are different levels of comps depending on the amount of play you give the casinos but most players can usually get... How to Get More Casino Comps with gambling author… Steve Bourie, author of the American Casino Guide, interviews gambling author/expert Jean Scott, who is known as "The Queen of Comps," for details on how to take advantage of the casino comping system. They discuss what comps are, how players earn them, the best way to get room comps, the... Casino Comps and How To Get Them

Best Way to Earn Comp Dollars and Points in Casinos

Comps - How to get free goodies from the casino - Vegas Click How to get casino comps ... This is the easiest freebie you'll ever get. ... And you don't even have to sign up at every casino, because any casino's card works in ... Earn & Redeem Marquee Rewards Points

The Aria Las Vegas is one of the largest hotels in Vegas with 4004 rooms and a host of amenities. Aria stands as the largest and tallest building in the city center complex.

If you don't spend much money, you're just another bum on the street to the casinos, and won't get many comps. But, if you have hundreds per day to spend, make sure to use the player cards. read more. Comps - How to get free goodies from the casino Casinos will give you back about 10-40% of your expected loss, in the form of comps—if you ask for them. In fact, between comps and offers to come back to the hotel, Atlantic City casinos give away almost two-thirds of their hotel rooms for free. I couldn't find the figures for Vegas, but it's got to be... Casino Comps - How To Get Free Offers From The Casino In many ways comps do exist as a way of getting a casino to make you spend more money, but that does not always have to be the case.For instance, you could deposit $100 and get another $200 in credits added to your balance so that you have $300 to play real money casino games. Best Ways to Earn Comp Dollars at Casinos | Get Free Rooms…

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Best Way to get comps in Las Vegas? — TravelBabble Any secret to earning comps the fastest? I am bringing my sweetheart there in August, and I want her to feel like royalty. Eat good food, stay in a nice room, avoid the lines and crowds. My buddy says he gets free hotel stay offers just by signing up for the different casino cards, so I will definitely do that. Fastest way to get casino comps - By Henry Tamburin