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Agile teams from around the world use the planning poker technique to estimate their product backlogs. Scrum Poker can be used with story points, ideal days, or any other estimating unit. Planning Poker in Scrum brings together multiple expert opinions for the agile estimation of a project. This type of agile planning includes everyone: programmers, testers, database engineers, analysts, user interaction designers, and all other personnel involved in the project. Planning Poker | Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) Planning Poker is an agile estimating technique based on Wideband Delphi. Planning Poker brings together multiple expert opinions for the agile estimation of a project. In this type of agile planning, we include everyone from programmers, testers and database engineers to analysts, user interaction designers and more. Better Estimates with Planning PokerSitePoint Planning Poker is an estimation technique which comes from the world of Agile software development. Learn how it can help you and your developers provide better estimates for the projects you work on. Scrum Estimation Techniques | SCRUMstudy Blog The team then discusses the factors that influenced their estimates and proceed to a second round of estimation. This process is repeated until the estimates of individuals are close to each other and a consensus for the final estimate can be reached. Planning poker is one example of a Wideband Delphi technique.

This post continues my recent series about Planning Poker by focusing on when to estimate. Because Planning Poker is a consensus-based estimating approach, it is most appropriate to use it on items that require consensus.

Planning Poker is an agile estimating and planning technique that is consensus based. To start a poker planning session, the product owner or customer reads an agile user story or describes a feature to the estimators. 9 Agile Estimation Techniques - Berteig Consulting and Training Many people have used a variation of Planning Poker to do Agile estimation. Here is a reference of 9 different Agile estimation techniques for different circumstances. I have seen all of these techniques work in practice, except one. Try a new one each Sprint!

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Planning poker, also called Scrum poker, is a consensus-based, gamified technique for estimating, mostly used to estimate effort or relative size of development goals in software development. What is Planning Poker? Effort estimation in Agile methodology - The Planning Poker is a popular method of effort estimation which ensures that the entire team is involved in the estimation exercise. The Planning Poker is a consensus based technique and is used to size the stories (in terms of story point) or effort estimate (in terms of days). How to Make Agile Estimation Process Easy with Planning Poker

The Planning Poker technique is a variation of the Wideband Delphi estimation technique. This technique is used in XP and Scrum sprint planning meetings to determine estimates of user stories. It is consensus based agile estimating and planning technique. Purpose: Estimate the effort for User Stories (Product Backlog Items, Value Drivers)

We’re not bluffing when we say that “Planning Poker” is our new favorite game — or at least our new favorite technique for estimating project scope. Developing Redbooth’s Planning Poker Cards. Planning Poker is a technique in Scrum that promotes estimation of difficulty of a task as a team. We liked the sound of that. Play a Different Game: When "Planning Poker" is not the ... Somehow, everyone learned about planning poker. You know, the game where everyone gets a set of cards with different point values on them (usually in a Fibonacci sequence). Then they vote about the size of a story by holding up their cards simultaneously and work to reach consensus. How to Play Estimation Poker | Platinum Edge One of the most popular ways of estimating requirements is by playing estimation poker, sometimes called Planning Poker®. Estimation poker is a game scrum teams can use to determine relative requirement size and to build consensus among development team members.