Save ps games to slot 2 mem card

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How do i save my game progress to the memory card on

ICON0.PNG in the table represents all the multimedia files supported by the XMB for this format like images, audio, etc... same format than minis. See: Content Information Files - Saved Data Utility (minis). The original memory card for the PS1 is 128 kilobytes of non-volatile RAM. PS2 mem Card format | MajorGeeks.Com Support Forums How do you format a ps2 mem card? There was no option to do this on the PS2 menu. I'm using the newer slim model. I have a 'bad data" block on my card and I can't delete it. If left with other saved games it corrupts one or two from time to time. I don't connect to the net with my PS2. How to Delete Data off Your PS2 Memory Card: 13 Steps

PS2 mem card compatible? I don't have a PSX but do have a as far as I'm aware you can't save PS1 games to PS2 memory cards, you need to get a PS1 memory card which you can use on PS2 to save PS1 games, I didn't know you could do that untill someone here said so.

Best Answer: STEP ONE Load up the ps3, and skip on over to "GAME" on the ps3 interface. STEP TWO Go up to "Memory Card Utility (PS/PS2)" STEP THREE By default, Sony made it so that you can already have a ps2 memory card dedicated to--yep you guessed it--saving ps2 games. What can I do if I have problems with my PlayStation 2 Memory ... What can I do if I can’t save my game? Make sure you are saving a PlayStation 2 software title to the Memory Card (8MB) for PlayStation 2. Confirm that you are using an officially licensed PlayStation memory card by looking for the official PlayStation logo. PS2 Memory Card Trouble...HELP!! - Games Discussion - GameSpot

For further reference, I'd also like to add that the PS2 memory card is not backwards-compatible (without a trick), so you cannot save PS1 games on a PS2 memory card (directly). You must have a PS2 mem card for PS2 games, and a PS1 card for PS1 games, exclusively. Now for the trick.

Memcard - PCSX2 Wiki Following the PS2's 2-card format the emulator names both memcards Mcd001.ps2 and Mcd002.ps2, ... it is possible for a savestate to "remember" that you started the game with no memcard save in the slot: ... How to: Xfer ps2 saves from psp, to ps3, to ps2 mem. …

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Why does the game keep telling me memory card not detected Mar 31, 2004 · When I want to save on my PS2,the game always telling me that my memory card in slot 1 not insert,but when I save at RE:Outbreak File#2 I can save without any problem,is there something wrong with my RE:Outbreak disc?Helllllppp ; Why do most games only use the first memory card slot on Jun 19, 2004 · The Gameshark card has to go into slot 1, and the ps2 couldn't detect my saved game, or even the memory card itself, in slot 2. I rarely ever use the Gameshark anyway, usually just if I'm giving a game a second playthrough and want to sprint through it … re: My PS2 says theres no memory card. - Page 2 - General